This week with 1522

Its been a busy week. We have worked through our 6 hours of robot access time, put in additional time unpacking and packing, and completed a fundraiser at Chipotle

We have also had a few fixes/ additions this week:

  1. We have a new set of bumpers which should help to streamline our time in the pits between matches so we can spend more time working and less time switching bumpers.
  2. Our arms now have rollers to help with a few of the defenses.
  3. Our steering issues from last week are now resolved and we have more clearance between our wheels and chassis.
  4. The programmers have assured me that our autonomous program is in good shape and should score serious points for us and our alliances.
  5. We have also replaced our plexi base with polycarbonate in hopes that we will not dump our electronics onto the floor again.


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