Doswell Meet Day 2

Well..what at day.

Our 3 matches today were ok. Our first went great, our second was good, our 3rd didn’t go so well. We got stuck on a defense in autonomous mode and couldn’t move. We were in a good spot to capture the castle but were not able to help out our alliance more. At the end of qualifying we were in 17 place and felt confident in making an alliance in the finals. 24 teams make the finals but we were not selected by an alliance. The team was a little disappointed…I was too.

But as it turns out we were the alternate in case another robot broke down. Early in the quarterfinals we were asked to get ready and put bumpers on. The drive team, Alex, Bailey, Maxwell, and Michael, stayed and waited. We changed bumpers 2x and set up the drive station once but didn’t get the chance to go on. Finally, in the second final match, the #2 in the alliance broke and we thought we had our chance to help out. Unfortunately, they decided to try to win with 2 robots against 3 instead of bringing us in. They lost…and that ends our season.


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